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FishScience Variety Pond Food 225g FS653


Variety Pond Food

Available Sizes: 250g, 1250g, 2500g

  • A nutritionally balanced diet which is ideal for goldfish, orfe, koi and all surface feeding pond fish.
  • Short floating food sticks which soften quickly and are easily consumed by all fish over 8cm in length
  • A special blend of 3 food sticks to provide a varied diet for all pond fish.
    • Beige sticks – naturally enhance the colour of your pond fish using Spirulina algae, carrots and krill
    • Orange sticks – with added spirulina to enhance the red and orange colour of your fish
    • Brown sticks – contains wheat germ for easy digestibility along with natural ingredients to promote your fishes health including Beta Glucans, immunostimulants and omega 3 oils
  • Made with high quality ingredients and advanced production processes to ensure easy digestibility and less waste – leading to clearer water.
  • Feeding

    Feed 2 – 3 times each day. Your fish should eat all of the food within 5 minutes. If they don’t, reduce the amount you feed in future meals. Take care not to overfeed as uneaten food will decompose and pollute the water, encouraging the growth of unsightly algae.

    The amount you need to feed will vary depending on water temperature. At higher temperatures the fish will eat more in 5 minutes than they will in colder conditions.

    Below 10oC feed FishScience Cold Weather Food. (Available in August 2014)


    Call me a sceptic but I laughed when my local shop told me the fish in my pond would love this food more than the other well-known brand I was using but it seems it’s true, they do.

    I tried a simple test, throwing handfuls of both types into the water at the same time and the fish consistently and enthusiastically ate the FishScience first. It can only be the taste of the food as the colour is fairly neutral and nowhere near as vibrant as the colours of the other brand. Presumably the colouring is designed to appeal to our eyes rather than those of the fish!

    So, if you care about what your fish want to eat rather than what looks good on the shelf, then I strongly recommend trying FishScience. The fish really do seem to love it!


    I’ve never written to a food supplier before, let alone one making fish food but I just wanted to let you know that my fish really do seem to love your pond food – a lot. I never thought they cared that much but clearly they do as they eat the FishScience food with a level of enthusiasm that is almost comical to behold but wonderful to watch.

    I have around 500 fish in a large pond so finding the right food is important – and trust me, I’ve tried quite a few over the years! This is the first one that I’ve noticed any difference when feeding the fish and if it’s environmentally friendly and made with high quality ingredients then that’s a real added bonus for me.

    D B


    Vitamin A – 29,000IU/kg
    Vitamin D3 – 1,500IU/kg
    Vitamin E – 250mg/kg
    Vitamin C- 110mg/kg


    FishScience Variety Pond Food is made from cereals, fish and fish derivatives, meat and animal derivatives, yeast, molluscs and crustaceans, vegetables, algae, oils and fat, antioxidants and colou

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FishScience Variety Pond Food 225g FS653


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