All filtration system are essential in order to keep your fish tank running smoothly, whether it’s a tropical or a fresh water set up. The purpose of a filter is to remove excess food, decaying matter, dangerous chemicals and fish waste products from the water. This means less maintenance as you have a cleaner tank for longer. If this waste and debris is not removed, not only can the tank look dirty, but there can also be a build up of toxins Nitrates which can be harmful to your fish and plants.

There are three types of filtration: biological, mechanical and chemical, and at Aquatic-mania we stock a wide range of aquarium filters Aqua One, Eheim, Tetratec which have been designed to hold all three at once. In order for your filter to do its job, you’ll need to buy aquarium filter media to put inside. Using the three together ensures the clearest, purest water, and as such, a healthy tank.

Whether you’re after an internal or external filter to sit inside or outside your aquarium , there are a wide variety to choose from. Some aquariums even come complete with a filter, media and pump, saving you money and time. Take a look at our range of fish tanks for more information. email [email protected]