Aquarium Fish Tank Water Pumps & Sump Pumps from Aquatic-mania

Aquatic-mania has a great range of Freshwater, Tropical, marine and reef aquarium pumps and powerheads. Pumps help to increase water movement and are especially needed for marine tanks because reefs need oxygen rich water.

The pump disrupts the surface of the Aquarium water, allowing CO2 to escape and so the reefs can be fed oxygen to grow the bacteria they need to keep your reef bright, vibrant and healthy.

They can help to improve the look of your Aquarium too. If you don’t have water circulating in your Aquarium it can look a little flat as the vegetation, coral or anemones you have bought and cultivated have nothing to move them, leaving the Aquarium a little lifeless.

Instead, adding a pump brings your Aquarium to life! Watch the corals sway in what can look like a realistic sea-current effect.

Aquatic-mania range of aquarium pumps and power heads inc Eheim, Aqua One Aquael is ever-growing, but we make sure that we only offer the best of what’s out there in the market, meaning you can buy with safety and certainty.