Anti White Spot & Fungus (Aquarium) #8 NOR6371


Anti White Spot & Fungus (Aquarium) #8

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Anti White Spot & Fungus (Aquarium) #8

If you can see many tiny white spots on your fish, like they have been sprinkled with salt then you need a treatment such as NT Labs Anti White Spot and Fungus. White spot is actually a tiny parasite which can spread quickly from fish to fish if left unchecked so it is important to treat any infections as soon as possible.

We would always recommend testing your aquarium water prior to treatment as poor water quality is very often the cause of an outbreak and can often nullify the effect of any treatment. Use NT Labs Anti White Spot and Fungus at the correct dose and time intervals as an incorrect dose could harm your fish and remember to remove any Carbon or carbon sponge from the filter prior to treatment


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