Aqua One Battery Air pump Splash Resist 150lph 10022

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Aqua One Battery Air pump


Aqua One Battery Air pump 150lph 10022

The Aqua One portable Battery Air 150 is a great high performance single outlet air pump, which is the perfect solution for transporting live fish. The Battery Air 150 runs on 2 x D batteries (sold separately)

Features and Benefits:

• High performance single outlet Air Pumps
• Complete with Air Stone and Airline
• Improves dissolved oxygen in your tank, bucket or fish bag
• Ideal for use when transporting live fish, bait or during a power failure
• Convenience of battery operation

Additional Info

• Item Code: 10022
• Decription: Battery Air 150
• Max Flow Rate: 150L/hr
• No. of Outlets: 1
• Battery Type: 2 x D

Suitable for: Coldwater, Tropical and Marine