Aqua One Gravel Cleaner 10in 25cm 20138


Aqua One Gravel Cleaner 10in

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Product Description

Aqua One Gravel Cleaner

Removing debris from your gravel is a critical function of maintaining your tank. It not only keeps your gravel looking great, it helps remove a lot of matter from the gravel that can be toxic to your tank, with nasties like nitrates and ammonia, which potentially can be harmful for your fish.

Key Features

  • Clean gravel keeps your tank looking great
  • Helps remove all of those debris that can cause issues if they accumulate too much
  • Excellent way to do a water change at the same time as cleaning your gravel.
  • Generally can be done while keeping your hands dry.
  • Size: 10″
  • Available in other sizes
  • Easy to use self starting syphon feature

Made Specifically For: Cleaning gravel in all aquariums


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