Arcadia Euro Range Forest 5% 38W 42in FR38 COLLECTION ONLY


Arcadia Euro Range Forest 5% COLLECTION ONLY

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Arcadia Euro Range Forest 5%  {blink}COLLECTION ONLY{/blink}

  • 5.0% UVB for synthesis of vitamin D3
  • Excellent colour emissions (High CRI)
  • Typically more UVB than other T8s
  • Balanced UVA to UVB ratio
  • Total UVC protection

Arcadia Euro Range Forest 5% 15W 18in

Code Watt Length Diameter Lumens Temp UV-A UV-B Reflector*
FD314 14W 15″/360mm T8-26mm 310lm 6600K 6% 30% ALR15
FD315 15W 18″/450mm T8-26mm 300lm 6600K 6% 30% ALR15
FD318 18W 24″/600mm T8-26mm 450lm 6600K 6% 30% ALR18
FD325 25W 30″/750mm T8-26mm 850lm 6600K 6% 30% ALR25
FD330 30W 36″/900mm T8-26mm 1000lm 6600K 6% 30% ALR30
FD336 36W 48″/1200mm T8-26mm 1200lm 6600K 6% 30% ALR36
FD338 38W 42″/1050mm T8-26mm 1200lm 6600K 6% 30% ALR38


Forest species such as the Day Gecko, require lower levels of UVB and should be kept under an appropriate size of UVB 6% UV-B D3 lamp, which contains ample levels of UV-B radiation for such species.

  • For Forest Species
  • The D3 range of lamps is deal for use shorter enclosures for partial shade dwelling animals
  • 6% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3
  • 30% UVA
  • Produces excellent natural colours

Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ T8 lamps have been specifically designed with the animals health in mind. We are proud to have the  world’s highest output T8 lamps in a true 6% and 12% UVB.  All of our UVB percentages are measured as part of the total output of light from the lamp and AFTER the all important first 100 hours of output. You can be rest assured that by using Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ lamps that you are providing the very best in T8 technology that money can buy. The Arcadia Reptile D3 and D3+ UVB lamps are effective to for one whole year and will keep your animal in tip top condition.

T8 reptile lamps are particularly useful for use in shallow enclosures and for those shade dwelling species and along with the use of the right reflector can produce a perfect environment for your pet reptile or Amphibian. Don’t forget to check out “lighting Guide” to make sure that you are using the right lamp for your species and more importantly your height of vivarium.

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