Arcadia Reptile Basking Solar Spot Lamp 100watt E27 SBS100


Arcadia Reptile Flood Basking Solar Spot Lamp


Arcadia Reptile Flood Basking Solar Spot Lamp

The Basking Solar Spotlight range of heat lamps are available in 50, 75 and 100 Watts. These lamps have a tight focused beam that will allow for intense heat provision. This is essential for desert basking species and for those species in taller enclosures.The lamp has an inviting warm colour and uses standard E27 fittings. These lamps have been designed to provide a good quality of heat and can be used with a thermostatic controller. These lamps produce essential supplementary UVA to aid wellbeing and colour vision and should be used alongside a species appropriate Arcadia Reptile UVB system.

 Arcadia Basking Solar Spot

Care should be taken with all heat sources. A caged lamp holder should be used to protect the animals and keeper alike from the risk of burns. Thermostatic controllers should be used to regulate the required temperatures and should viewed as “essential”. Do not over tighten these lamps. Always unplug the lamp holder from the wall before maintenance is carried out. Care should be taken to protect these lamps from water splash and ingress. If you have a very humid or aquatic environment the Arcadia Reptile Halogen heat spot range is more suitable. Expectations; filament heat lamps like all technology have a defined set of limitations. They do not produce UVB, as such a species specific UVB system should be included.

See our “lighting guide” for details. These lamps should be fitted securely into a standard ceramic E27 lamp holder and used with a thermostatic control. These lamps should be placed so that they are facing directly downwards, this will help to increase the life expectancy of the lamp. If you are concerned about lamp longevity and energy consumption then the Arcadia Halogen Heat spot range may be more suitable for you. Recycle these lamps after use at your local recycling centre.


  • Increases ambient temperature
  • Includes UVA to aid wellbeing and colour vision
  • Warm colour output
  • Use with a thermostat and alongside a species appropriate Arcadia reptile UVB system
  • Infra-red


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