Betta Choice Catfish Pellets 175g

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Betta Choice Catfish Pellets


Betta Choice Catfish Pellets

Betta Choice Catfish Pellets is a type of food i have been using since my first 50 litre tropical tank. Betta Catfish Pellets have been specially formulated for all tropical and cold-water bottom feeding fish like Pictus Catfish, Plecos & Clown Loaches.

They are in the form of sinking pellets and because of their very high protein content (48%) and i have found they are ideal for bringing fish into breeding condition. I would normally feed my fish a few times a day making sure all the food was eaten within a few minutes. Also use Betta Catfish Pellets as part of a varied diet do not just rely on these pellets. (I find variety is the spice of life.)I would highly recommend Betta Catfish Pellets to anyone. I have never had any fish turn it down and when it comes to value for money there is nothing to rival.



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