Blagdon Bio Activator 250ml 2647


Blagdon Bio Activator 250ml 2647


Blagdon Bio Activator 250ml 2647

All products are designed and manufactured by a leading UK water garden brand; Blagdon – The Pond Masters. With over fifty years experience in fish keeping and water gardening, you can be sure that all products manufactured by Blagdon will not only be beautiful, but designed specifically for successful fish keeping and water gardening.

We know that you want to keep your pond as healthy and beautiful as possible, and the Bio Activator is ideal to stimulate the ongoing breakdown of toxic waste produced by fish and wildlife, and also to establish essential biological cycles in new and cleaned out ponds and filters. It can also be used to set up and boost biological filter especially in spring.

All in all, why look any further for the perfect product for your pond, when you could go with Blagdon: The Pond Masters?



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