Blagdon Bio Active Sludge Control 250ml treats 500galls 2644


Active Sludge Control 250ml treats 500galls


Blagdon Bioactive Sludge Control – Naturally Consumes Organic Waste

250ml treats 2,273 litres (500 gallons) 4 times

Use as a liquid alternative to Sludge Buster to break down the sludge leaving your pond with a clean bottom.

Ponds accumulate debris, dead plant matter, uneaten food and fish waste throughout the year and if you do not clean the pond with a vacuum or treat it, your pond will develop a layer of sludge. Sludge busters unique blend of bacteria and enzymes break down this sludge to leave a clean healthy pond environment for your fish.

Every new pond starter should have this as a preventative, but it can also be added to filters to reduce maintenance.

Useful for:

  • New ponds
  • At the start of Spring to reduce filter maintenance
  • Regularly throughout the season to clear the bottom of the pond



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