Blagdon Fresh Start 500ml treats 1000galls

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Blagdon Fresh Start 500ml

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Blagdon Fresh Start 500ml treats 1000galls

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Treats 500 gallons.

Tap water contains toxic chlorine and heavy metals that are aggressive to delicate pond wildlife. Blagdon Fresh Start eliminates these, adds the protective colloid Aloe Vera and helps stimulate pond biological cycles. Use Fresh Start when initially filling a pond with tap water, topping up evaporation loss of or carrying out a water change. Fresh Start can be used at the same time as other treatments or medications. Blagdon Fresh Start 500ml treats 4,546 litres (1,000 gallons). Over half a century of fish keeping and water gardening knowledge are brought together in the product so you can be assured of a successful, creative water garden.


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