Interpet Anti Hair Algae 125ml RC216

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Interpet Anti Hair Algae 125ml

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Interpet Anti Hair Algae 125ml

Kills hair algae in your aquarium for a better-looking healthier aquarium. Effectively kills off hair algae with no effect to plants or fish.Safely kills off hair algae in your aquariumHair algae no matter whether green black or brown is an unwelcome guest in any aquarium. It grows on any surface and stops plants from thriving. It’s especially virulent when there’s excess light or nutrients.Fight back with Anti Hair Algae. Anti Hair Algae kills off this troublesome pest by starving it of its preferred nutrients.Use for removing unsightly green brown or black hair algae growing on plants and ornaments in your aquarium.Stimulates plant growthHair Algae whether it is green black or brown is an unsightly nuisance in your aquarium. It will grow on any surface and prevent plants from flourishing.Anti Hair Algae makes key nutrients unavailable and starves the algaeHair Algae thrives when there is excess light and nutrients available.Dosage:1ml of Anti Hair Algae treats 9L (2gals)