Tetramin Tropical Holiday blocks

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TetraMin Holiday

100% edible holiday food for feeding fish for up to 2 weeks

Tetramin Holiday Food Blocks 30g

Tetramin Holiday Food Blocks are 100% edible and provide valuable nutrition for your fish when you are not at home to feed them. The 30g packet of nutritional blocks differ from many other holiday and weekend fish foods on the market which can often contain a lot of indigestible plaster.

Each Tetramin Holiday Food Block contains an active formula of nutrients which keeps your fish’s immune system active and strong. Composed within a dense formation which contains zero indigestible binding agents, the blocks provide enough food for your fish for 2 weeks. Tetramin’s rich patented formula consists of natural daphnia and is not harmful to the aquarium tank water or species living within it.

The Tetramin Holiday Food Blocks will also remain in one piece once in the water, breaking down only when your fish feed from them. This prevents clouding of the water or the release of waste food particles which often float around in the tank, thus these sticks maintain healthy water

These holiday food blocks are designed for tropical fish and freshwater fish. Please refer to the feeding guide supplied with these Tetramin Holiday Food Sticks before use.


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