Welcome to Aquatic-mania The UK's Largest Stockist of Aqua One, Eheim and Fluval Spare Parts 

We are one of Aqua Ones first dedicated Dealers in the UK some ten years ago when Aqua One first arrived in the UK, and stock most of Aqua Ones spare parts for all of Aqua One product range. We stock parts from Carbon filter cartridges and Inserts to T8 and T5 compact tubes, or Self Cut filter media to Spare filter pumps and impellers and Aquis Hose Taps we stock the lot.


We Now Stock the full range of Aqua One Vibrance aquarium plants. Available Now

Create stunning landscapes with Aqua One's new thick, bushy plants in the most vibrant colours.

These top quality plants are 100% safe for fish and are supported by a sturdy natural looking gravel base.

Ranging from 20 to 40cm high with a fabulously wide range of colours and styles.





 Marina Style 35 Tropical Aquarium Set

£79.99 Collection Only

 Glass Aquarium with Light Canopy and Bottom Frame • Fluorescent Bulb • Power Filter •

Heater (Tropical Sets only) • Digital Thermometer • Water Care Treatments • Aquarium Care Guide



Aqua One Internal Filters - Maxi Series

The Maxi range of Internal filters offer an effective biological and mechanical filtration solution for the smaller aquarium.

Proven reliability and silent running Completely submersible sealed motor, economical to run.

Provides mechanical and biological filtration with high quality foam as media Built in venturi nozzle.

Complete with suction cups for fixing to side of aquarium.


We Stock the full range of Interpet LED lighting

The Interpet LED Lighting System has been designed to either work with

existing fluorescent lighting, or as a complete replacement for the existing

aquarium lighting. These LED lights can be retro fitted to replace existing

T8 and T5 florescent lighting in any tank design. The Interpet LED Bright

White Light Double Row was aimed at sustaining plant and fish life.

The range mimics the natural environment and stimulates both plant and

coral growth. The Bright White LED’s provide a balanced spectrum of light

to bring out the optimum colour in any aquarium. This creates a spot light

source, which bounces off any surface water movement creating a great

ripple effect in the aquarium for great aesthetic appeal. 




Arcadia Reptile at Aquatic-mania is once again delighted to be able to offer a brand new and even more powerful Full spectrum LED spot lamp to our Jungle Dawn range.

Full range Available Now at Aquatic-mania. 




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